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22 July 2015:
And back to Snetterton to partake in the Opentrack track day. A busy day but open pit lane and to be fair, the only time we ever queued was if the session was red flagged, again thankfully a rare occurrence throughout the day.

After a slow start, we made good process posting some very competitive 2-up lap times that suggest we should be more competitive next time out. The day ended with a couple of slippery laps as the rain started to fall on cue around 4pm leaving insufficient time to swap mover to a wet set up before the day would come to an end. We can now look forwards to resuming the season at Snetterton on 8 August.

19 July 2015:
Ginetta Open Day at Rockingham. Geri and the team were in attendance, this time with two cars as Eddie brought along the ex-Jamie Chadwick car he has recently purchased. With an open pitlane format, there was a chance to maximise track time. Geri went out with Chris early on and was closing in on competivie times, but when he then went out alone, the car seemed sluggish and he was unable to improve on the two-up times.

The team were able to diagnose a flat battery caused by the alternator plug coming loose. Geri took this opportunity to drive the spare car, he came back impressed by it's straight line performance but otherwise commenting it was scary to drive with understeer through the banking, and oversteer pretty well everywhere else! While Geri was out on track Eddie took Geri's car out but was unable to match the rimes Geri was doing, they would later swap over with the same result, so we now know for sure that Geri can drive the car quickly enough.

Later sessions proved more fruitful with Geri posting times competitive with the quicker drivers present before ending the day with a simulation of race Saturday, bolting on a new set of tyres before running 2 controlled 15 minute sessions to replicate Free Practice and Qualifying.

Finally at the end of the day there was 5 minutes left for fun, a chance to scare his father with a quick passenger lap, while Eddie had run passenger laps in the T car.

10 July 2015:
With the next round being held at Snetterton, the team took advantage of it being their home location as Geri attended a test day here. Four thirty minute sessions gave Geri plenty of time to get some good track time on one of the warmest days of the year. The team will return for a track day on 22 July before ending test activities prior to the Snetterton round. 22 June:
Fairly late on Croft put on a junior test day. We made our way up the night before, and Geri was able to get in two dry sessions before the weather changed and the rain came as forecast. Cars were flying off the circuit all afternoon, and a large number of 360 degree spins were being performed coming out of teh chicane. Geri got off lightly, his only spin being when Lewis Brown tagged him, thankfully with no body damage, although we would find the left rear damper had been bent in the incident.

28 April:
Off to Oulton Park for a Circuit Days track day, Billy Monger and Dave Wooder were also in attendance. Main purpose of the day was to get the new engine run in properly, get it nicely loosened up before the Thruxton round. But also some more experience of the Oulton Park circuit as we may miss the official Friday test day which clashes with Geri's Biology GCSE. Geri and Chris both reported that the engine felt a lot better than the old one, and we can approach the next rounds with renewed optimism. At least if we aren't performing, it won't be down to the engine.

16 April:
Official Test day at Donington. Cloudy for much of the day, but dry. The day would be split into three sessions, the first being at 11:15, the others being late afternoon.

In the first session Geri went out on old tyres, so there was little expectation of a decent time, the purpose being just to get back into the swing before bolting on some better tyres. Frank Bird spun into the gravel at Redgate on the outlap, unbelievably the lead drivers were allowed to complete the outlap and almost complete the first lap before the red flags came out. By the time the tow truck arrived, the marshalls had pushed Bird's car back onto track and he was guided to drive wrong way back to pitlane. Geri got in 8 laps before coming back into the pits for a check over, but on his outlap, the session ended so he was unable to improve on 18th place.

With better tyres for session two, we were hopeful that Geri would show better. But the car was not behaving as it did on Monday despite having the same set up and Geri just could not get the desired pace from his car, the balance not seeming the same as before. He went out trying, beating his previous fastest lap on lap two, but soon started to fall down the order. Geri got down to his best lap of the session on lap 4, but this was almost a second off the fastest time. Geri was perplexed, he didn't see where he could back a whole second.

We tried minor set up changes throughout the session, Geri did get within a tenth of his best time late in the session but was disappointed to finish the session in 15th. One more session to go late in the afternoon.

The final session was more encouraging, Geri set his fastest lap of the day on lap one, and also briefly topped the timing charts. We hoped this was a sign of good things to come, but it ended as being Geri's best lap although he did string a number of laps all better than in his previous sessions, so the consistency was there. There were a couple of red flag stoppages, one where Perez parked up on the inside of Redgate well away from the track with what sounded like a poorly engine - a surprise to stop everything as highly unlikely for an errant car to end up there. Then later in the session where a car got beached at Old Hairpin, a highly dangerous place that took forever to bring the red flags out. Strange!

Geri himself had a couple of moments at Old Hairpin, one where he just ran along the grass up to the next corner before rejoining safely, the later one being a little more dramatic with a half spin in front of oncoming traffic that thankfully didn't end in an accident. So, a little more work to do before Saturday morning to try and start the first race a little further up the grid.

Full details from TSL for the day can be seen here.

13 April:
Test day at Donington. An early start, leaving home at 5:45 in order to arrive at the circuit in time for sign-on. Despite the good weather, the track was damp in the first of 6 assigned 30 minute sessions for the day. Geri went out on his own, he knows the track pretty well having won both Fiesta Junior races there in 2014.

The conditions got the better of Geri as he spun at Old Hairpin. He could have remained on the track, but with oncoming traffic he took the decision to roll backwards to the outside of the circuit to lessen the chances of being hit. He thought he was being smart leaving the front wheels on the circuit before remembering the Ginetta is rear wheel drive! And he was stuck, causing his first ever red flag of his doing. Another mistake was made coming down the back straight towards the chicane, overtaking Floersch and then finding he couldn’t stop – she’s probably still laughing!

Things got better in later sessions, Chris was able to help Geri adjust to the differences required as against driving the Fiesta here, and by the end of the day Geri was posting some pretty competitive times and is looking forwards to the weekend coming.

8 April:
Back to Thruxton, this time in the Ginetta. Having learned his way round yesterday in the Boxster, Geri’s first problem was to get used to the differences between the two cars, the Ginetta was running a lot looser and could brake a lot later than the far heavier Boxster. Good progress was made through most of the day, although the lack of a towing partner was hurting ultimate lap times. This day takes the place of the pre-race Friday for the Thruxton weekend in May, surprisingly a number of the drivers did not attend leaving Geri 7th quickest of those who did.

Full details and times for the day can be seen here.

7 April:
Geri’s first visit to Thruxton – we weren’t sure the Ginetta would pass the noise test so with kind thanks to all at Gold Track, Geri would spend the day learning the circuit in a Porsche Boxster 986, the original 2.5 litre version. After a few sighting laps driven by his father (who equally had never driven the circuit), Geri got down to the task of learning the circuit with Chris. The Boxster was a lot heavier than the Ginetta and the brakes were taken some serious punishment. Most sessions on the open pit lane day were ended due to the brake pedal going "long" as the brake fluid overheated.

It turned out that the Ginettas could pass the noise test, those of Billy Monger, Senna Proctor and Dave Wooder were circulating all day long, the irony was that the Boxster only just passed the noise test.

With only 25 cars present, there was little issue in getting in clear laps, and aside from the Ginettas, the Boxster seemed to be circulating as quick as anything else out there.

In an amusing after lunch moment where Geri’s father was piloting the Boxster, Geri was seen to help adjust the lines being taken!

5 April:
The first race weekend of the season over after the double header at Brands Hatch. While we would like to have scored more points, Geri kept out of trouble and improved on his starting position in both races. See the full race report here.

1 April:
Not an April Fool! Geri attended an MSV Trackday at Brands Hatch with the team in order to get in some more practice. As was proven last time out here, Geri still needed some work to be at his best for this circuit. During the day some 130 laps were completed, but being a track day there were problems in getting in clear laps. The two Ginettas present (Ben Green was the other) were quicker than nearly anything else on track.

18 March:
Media day for the Ginetta Juniors at Silverstone and our first outing with Elite Motorsport. Eddie had done us proud, with matching personalised team livery already available. He didn’t want to look like we just had a deal together just 4 days before the media day! We were able to get used to the car during the day and how Geri, Chris and Elite would work together. We are now looking forwards to the 2015 season with confidence of a decent showing.

13 March:
A surprise announcement as Geri joins forces with Elite Motorsport for the 2015 season. We will be running as a single car team using the very smart car that Elite displayed at the Autosport International Show in January, where Elite were awarded 2nd place for best presented stand. Geri is looking forwards to next week when we take our first run with Elite at the Media Day at Silverstone.

21 February:
Track day at Oulton Park with R&J Motorsport who also had Frank Bird and Jonny Hadfield in attendance. In a day of changeable weather and changeable track conditions, the day started damp, dried out then there was rain, sun, hail and sun again. With the help from Chris, Geri soon got up to speed on the circuit, able to stay with Jonny most of the time. Sometimes too well as he was cautioned for following too closely, a fair cop given the scuff mark visible on the nose of Geri’s Ginetta later in the day!

7 February:
Geri’s first run in a Ginetta since the 2014 Winter Series, we did an MSV Track Day at Brands Hatch with R&J Motorsport. The track was very wet in the morning, a drier line not appearing until after lunch. This was the point where Chris realised he had not instructed Geri at Brands Hatch before. In fact, Geri had not been here in 15 months as we were able to miss this race at the end of the last season. We still got in just over 100 laps and gave Geri a chance to reacquaint himself with the Ginetta and driving.

14 January:
We came back from the Autosport International Show with the knowledge that 20 drivers had entered the 2015 Ginetta Junior championship, and there were only 26 slots available, with as many as 10 interested parties vying for these. We are pleased to announced that we have now entered the 2015 season and look forwards to testing ourselves in this very competitive championship.

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