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31 October 2014
After nmissing the final round of the championship at Brands Hatch last week, Geri completes a successful test with R&J Motorsport in their Ginetta Junior car at Snetterton. He now looks forwards to competing in the Ginetta Junior Winter Series next weekend. 22 September 2014
Round seven, the double header at Rockingham. A clean sweep of the points and a lap record, and the little matter of winning the championship with a round to spare!. See the race report, results and in car video here

14 August 2014
A good day's testing at Rockingham with Daniels Motorsport and the rest of the team drivers, Thomas, Jessica and Nathan. Should stand us well for the next round there in September.

10 August 2014
Round six, the double header at Silverstone. Geri didn't have the best of weekends but from a championship perspective it worked out better than it might have done. See the race report, results and in car video here

15 July 2014
The MSA have confirmed that they have upheld our appeal over Geri's exclusion from Cadwell Park and have reinstated the race win and the points from race 1. This means that Geri now leads the championship with 3 rounds to go.

13 July 2014
Fifth race of the season at Donington Park. A great day for Geri as he takes pole and 2 race wins. See the race report, results and in car video here

15 June 2014
Fourth race of the season as Geri returns to the scene of his debut last year, Cadwell Park. Geri wins the first race in the wet befoire before cruelly disqualified. See the race report, results and in car video here

11 May 2014
Third race of the season on the Anglesey Coastal circuit - and Geri's first race win - see the race report, results and in car video here

20 April 2014
Second race of the season on the Snetterton 300 circuit - see the race report, results and in car video here

07 April 2014
A fun day for Geri courtesy of Chris Hodgetts who invited us to the BRDC Track day on the full Silverstone Grand Prix circuit. Pouring rain and a slippery track combined with well worn tyres on the Porsche Boxster we sent Geri out in, made for a fun day. He will have learned a lot about finesse, throttle control and balancing the car even though the mid-engined Boxster is completely different to the front wheel drive Fiesta.

06 April 2014
First race of the season on the Silverstone National circuit - see the race report, results and in car video here

23 March 2014
Chris Hodgetts had suggested we put in a test at Snetterton as Geri was going to be racing there after Silverstone. We found that Javelin were running a day on the full Snetterton 300 circuit on a Sunday. Double result for us, no school missed for Geri and no work day off for the rest of us!

We arrived at what we thoughy was a bright and early 8:15 to find that not only was Chris already there, but Daniels Motorsport had already unloaded the Fiesta. We were sharing a garage with Nathan Edwards, courtesy of father Barry, and indeed as we arrived we saw Nathan kindly taking our Fiesta round for the noise test.

We had sent two more new tyres up to Daniels Motorsport which had been fitted, but a misunderstanding meant that rather than bringing 10 wheels along to the circuit, we only had 6 "dry" wheels and 4 with wets. This would hurt later on due to the sheer number of laps that were put in. Geri went out in the second sighting group although he had raced here last year, so the circuit wasn't entirely new to him. But the correct lines might be.

A number of sessions on track with Chris was helping Geri get faster and faster, he was now overtaking a number of cars out on the circuit, many road cars admittedly, but with overtaking down the straights with consent as the only acceptable method, Geri soon learned the value of good corner exit, helping the Fiesta slingshot past cars which should be quicker, at least down the straights.

A mid morning shower saw a few laps done on wets, but it didn't rain for long and Geri and Chris were soon back in pits for a swap over to the dry tyres, and just waited out for the circuit to come back to them. By lunchtime it was evident that tyres were going to be an issue - one tyre was losing pressure, presumed punctured, another shredded off the outside edge. Daniels Motorsport had a couple of spare used tyres in the van, so a trip into Norwich was needed to have a couple of tyres swapped onto the wheels. Luckily we found a Formula 1 outfit open on a Sunday, more luckily, in exchange for a "drink" they were swapped over in the time it took us to refuel - living up to the Formula 1 name!

Back to the circuit, the Fiesta had a punishing afternoon - Chris even took Geri out for a few laps to show him the lines and the level of smoothness, accuracy and consistency Geri needs to aim for. Some differing setups were tried, some without telling Geri, some with, in an effort to understand what setup works best for him. By the end of the afternoon, the fuel at Snetterton had run out, and we sat out the last 50 minutes of the session waiting for the dark clouds at Riches to turn into rain so Geri could use the last 5 litres back on the wets - the clouds bypassed the circuit so we called it a day. A large number of cars were overtaken by a 14 year old - shale most of the drivers dodn't get to realise.

Just two weeks until race 1 at Silverstone where we get to see how effective the training will prove.

21 February 2014
A test day for Junior drivers at Silverstone saw 9 Fiesta Junior drivers, 2 SaxMax drivers and 3 Ginetta Junior drivers in attendance. We have again engaged Daniels Motorsport as our preparation partner for 2014. We had taken the Nyssa Racing Fiesta ST over to Daniels Motorsport a couple of weeks ago so they could check over the installation of the newly built engine (courtesy Guy Croft) and set the car up ready for the session.

Also on board for the 2014 season is an instructor for Geri. We have engaged the services of double BTCC champion Chris Hodgetts to help bring Geri up to the standard he needs to be in order to compete at the sharp end of the grid this season.

We met up with Daniels Motorsport and Chris early on the Friday. The day would be split into 4 sessions. The first session was used for Geri to see which way the track went, Chris to understand where Geri's level was, and to give the engine a running-in session, so Geri was told to limit the revs to 5500rpm. Despite these restrictions Geri was far from the slowest out on track, but we knew there was much more to come. There was a slight scare during this sessson, Geri came in to have a check over of the car, but a misfire was evident as he drove down the pitlane. More worrying was that the engine sounded a bit "tappety" at the top end. A replacement coil cured the misfire, and with just 5 minutes of the session remaining, Geri was back out on track to see if the fix had worked. Misfire gone, but also the "tappety" noise had also gone - the team surmised that the misfire was causing the engine to rock more on its mounts and this was the noise they heard.

Session 2 saw Geri allowed to use the full compliment of engine revs, he now knew where the track went and his partnership with Chris was gelling. Now Geri was looking right on the pace, nobody was catching him unless he allowed them to as he backed off from time to time to give the tyres a break, and he was even overtaking many of the other cars out on track.

Session 3, after lunch, and Geri went out on his own to see how much he had absorbed - with the weight of an instructor now removed, Geri showed he was learning well by getting straight down to the times he had been doing before, even though he was now running older tyres than the earlier sessions. A small amount of drizzle started to fall, this coincided with a red flag incident so Geri brought the car back into pitlane, before going back out and getting straight back down to some quick lap times.

One final session, the track had seen some rain since the previous session but again was drying, so Geri sat out the first 10 minutes of the session before going back out on track with Chris for a few laps, then completed the larger part of the session solo. Geri was now putting in his fastest laps of the day, posting times that would have seen him on the podium for last year's race (in much warmer conditions) last May.

A good day's testing completed just in time, as we left the circuit, the heavens opened. We are now looking forwards to the opening round of the season at Silverstone, but plan to get another test in place before that to ensure Geri is ready for the challenge ahead.

21 December 2013
We arranged for Geri to have a test in a Ginetta Junior car in a test at the Bedford Autodrome North Circuit. It was a bitterly cold morning with ice on the approach roads within the circuit grounds, indeed we almost fell over walking from the car park to the reception office. It was Geri's first time in a rear wheel drive car, and first with a sequential gear change.

In the first session on a very slippery and damp track, Geri soon adapted to the new car and the circuit, but too much ambition saw him spin three times, each at a different corner. Later in the morning, with the ice now gone but still with many damp patches, Geri was much quicker and only spun the once, too much throttle applied too early.

In a final session in the afternoon, with just a couple of damp patches remaining, Geri got to grips with the car and the circuit and was turning in consistent quick laps, with just a single spin early in the session. While we have committed Geri to running in the Fiesta Junior series for 2014, we will look again at the possibilities of running in a Ginetta, maybe in the 2014 Winter Series, maybe in 2015 depending on Geri's year and budget.

See Geri's spin in the final session here

See Geri complete a full lap in the Ginetta here

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